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Flo-Form In-Line Galvanized Angles

The Advanced Performance of Flo-Form
Better design. Better performance. Better results. Flo-Form angles utilize Allied's state-of-the-art in-line galvanizing process that eliminates cleaning, hot-dip galvanizing and painting for a safer, more effective process without environmental hazards or EPA concerns.

Advanced Corrosion Protection
Our signature process produces superior corrosion resistance using a triple-layer coating that provides Flo-Form with unmatched durability and performance. First, a 99.99% pure zinc coating is applied to the angle’s surface. This pure zinc coating makes Flo-Form safely weldable. Next, a special conversion coating is applied. Flo-Form is finished off with a clear organic topcoat that seals the surface and produces a smooth and shiny product appearance that is known only to Allied Tube.

Enhanced Features, Long-Lasting Benefits

The benefits are clear. Flo-Form angles are engineered to get the most out of your applications, performing at advanced levels, eliminating unnecessary processing and handling, and providing a greater return on investment. Built stronger from the start, Flo-Form delivers the results you want most for your products.

  • Excellent corrosion resistance. Flo-Form's signature triple-layer coating provides a level of corrosion resistance unmatched in the industry.
  • Ability to reduce weight. We produce our angles by wall thickness specifics, not 1/16" increments, giving you the exact weight and thickness you require, and eliminating unnecessary weight concerns that come standard in competing products.
  • Reduced operational costs. By eliminating hot-dipping, painting or powder coating, labor and extra freight, Flo-Form angles are capable of lowering your overall costs by removing unnecessary processing steps.
  • Appearance. Featuring a smooth, shiny surface Flo-Form angles can be used "as-is" or painted or powder coated to meet your application's specific needs.
  • Custom lengths. Flo-Form angles are cut to the size requirements of your applications, eliminating the hassle of extra materials and added weight.
  • Greater design flexibility. With a large selection of options to meet your application needs, Flo-Form angles offer great design flexibility and can be adapted to reduce the wall thickness and cost of your products.
  • Readily weldable. The 99.99% pure zinc coating on Flo-Form has a significantly less harmful lead content than competing pregalvanized or hot-dipped products. With practically no oxide fumes, Flo-Form angles are fully weldable and eliminate any environmental hazards and EPA concerns.

Flo Form Angle Brochure

Weight per Foot Equal Legs Brochure

Weight per Foot Unequal Legs Brochure

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Section Properties - Unequal Legs Brochure

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