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Razor Ribbon® Barbed Tape



Instabarrier® non-reinforced barbed tape is characterized as being the most versatile of all barbed tape products. Designed for both temporary and permanent use, it permits rapid recovery and reuse.
Maximum security confinement applications
nuclear generating plants
petroleum/chemical storage
sensitive areas at airports and nuclear weapons storage

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Detainer Hook Barb

Detainer Hook® Barb barbed tape obstacle is the premier physical perimeter barrier available in the world. The newest, most effective security product being specified today, Detainer Hook Barb barbed tape offers unequaled physical protection and psychological deterrence.

Maximum security confinement applications
nuclear generating plants
petroleum/chemical storage
sensitive areas at airports and nuclear weapons storage


Maze, Supermaze and NATO Barrier

Super Maze and NATO Barrier barbed tapes products are designed for high density maximum security applications. NATO Barrier barbed tape was given its name after being successfully installed around several extremely sensitive NATO facilities in Northern Europe.
Maze barbed tape obstacle is the original long-barb, wire reinforced concertina. Maze barbed tape is used in more minimum to medium security applications around the world than any other barbed tape.

Super Maze and NATO Applications
Maximum security

Maze Applications
Minimum to medium security confinement and detention applications
low level utility companies
airport perimeters


General Purpose Barbed Tape (Obstacle Type II)

General Purpose Barbed Tape Obstacle Type II is a double coil, non-reinforced product made from spring quality authentic stainless steel. Originally designed by the U.S. Military as an entanglement obstacle, Type II is growing in commercial use as a ground barrier.

Commercial use as a ground barrier


Razor Ribbon® Helical

Razor Ribbon Helical is the barbed tape most recommended for private and industrial use. It has the same long barb features as Maze, Supermaze, and NATO Barrier, but the loops are not clipped together in a concertina fashion, allowing the barbed tape to be installed with a variety of loop spacing options, depending upon the level of security required.

Medium security applications such as warehousing, manufacturing, parking lots, storage, and other low level security applications.


BTC Barbed Tape Concertina


Single coil wire reinforced concertinas, 38" in diameter are fabricated from 0.020" thick ASTM A653 (GA) galvanized steel strip. Strip is clinched around a galvanized steel core wire. Each roll consists of 56 coil loops with pairs of coil loops alternately clipped together at five locations around the circumference. Each coil extends to 50' when deployed at 21" coil spacing. Two opposing handles at each end are attached to the end coils. Refer to Military Specifications A-A-555-22A for additional information.

Allied Fence Pickets are specially designed for use with BTC Barbed Tape Type Concertina.

Military battlefield
Training barrier


Hat Box

The HatBox is designed for military and police use in varying climates and terrain conditions. This unit can be rapidly deployed in hallways, stairwells, entrances and exit areas, etc. and quickly recovered for repeated use. Allieds HatBox can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Each unit comes with all of the materials and tools necessary for immediate use.

Riot and crowd control.


Razor Strand

Razor Strand barbed tape obstacle is an alternative to traditional barbed wire for low level security applications when added psychological deterrence is desired.

minimum security
construction sites
low level security applications

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