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SS 40 XS

SS 40 XS with its 60,000 psi yield strength delivers maximum strength with reduced weight. 4.5" SS 40 XS is the perfect choice for gate terminal or line posts when 4" material is not adequate. 6-5/8" Schedule 40 is no longer your only option when additional strength is needed. A full line of fittings for both 4.5" and 5" SS 40 XS are available from Allied Tube.
5" SS 40 XS when used in the sleeved combination with 4.5" provides the superior strength needed for high wind loads when dense fabric and solid fillers are an issue.

Gate posts 4.5" O.D., .220 wall fills the gap when posts between 4" O.D. and 6-5/8" O.D. are required
High Security Framework for chain link, welded wire, woven wire and expanded metal
Added strength in extreme environmental conditions with high debris factors
Backstops and foul line posts.

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