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Give Me Liberty!

When we started making aluminum ornamental fences about 50 years ago, the sections were painted, guaranteed for fifteen years, screwed together, and held about a 200-pound load. Over the past twenty years, many improvements have been made to our Residential fences. Today our sections are powder-coated, have a lifetime guarantee, use a patented screwless design, and have a 350-pound load capability. However, all of these upgrades raise the cost of the product.

We find that many customers are looking for a proven, lower-cost, maintenance-free fence solution without all of the extras that can add to the cost. Our new Liberty Fence was designed with these folks in mind. Liberty Fence re-creates the performance of the original Jerith products with the same attention to detail and quality as our premium line of fences. Consider it "Jerith Classic"!

Liberty does have one major improvement over our original fences. Our FencCoat finish is applied to Liberty Fences, which allows us to give the same Lifetime Warranty as we offer on our other fences. But the feature that truly sets Liberty apart from other low-cost aluminum fence options is that it is made entirely in the U.S. and is not imported.

Liberty Fence is currently available in a black finish in two styles for two heights. The 48” tall styles match our #101 and #202 designs, while the 54” styles look like our Modified #202 and #200 designs.

So, if you want the proven quality, prestige, and performance of a Jerith fence, but you need a more cost-conscious choice, tell your contractor (in the words of Patrick Henry), “Give me Liberty!”

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