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Regency Series Fence Styles


Buckingham is a traditional wrought iron design with pointed pickets much like our Style #101. Unlike #101 though, the pickets do not extend below the bottom rail. Larger components are used to fabricate this fence for both strength and a more stately appearance.

Buckingham Plus

Buckingham Plus has all of the features of the Buckingham fence, as well as rings installed between the top two rails.


Windsor is the less traditional version of the Buckingham with a smooth top rail, similar to Style #202. Again, no pickets extend below the bottom rail. The larger components give an regal look to this fence.

Windsor Plus

Windsor Plus is a variation of the Windsor style with rings between the top two rails.


Kensington is another classic wrought iron design with decorative finials on the tops of the pickets. Similar to Style #111, but the pickets end at the bottom rail, so they do not protrude below. The same larger components are used in this style as the other Regency designs. A “Plus” version of Kensington is also available with rings between the top two horizontal rails.

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