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We offer several dimensions for our square posts;  3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and 8x8.  Available lengths vary depending on the dimenson.  We offer three quality levels available for your needs, premium, standard, and economy. 

If you would like to view our wood quality & dimension specifications, a copy is available to download for free on the product information page .

We offer pre-drilling or mortising service at your request.  Having the post pre-drilled will save you time and effort when your on the job site.  We use "gang" drills, that allows us to drill (or mortise) two or more holes at the same time with consistantly perfect spacing. 

Katahdin has, and will continue, to manufacture and distribute tapered posts to the New England fencing industry for many years.  The diameter of a tapered post varies from one end to the other.  The top diameter ranges from  4 - 4  1/2" , tapering to the bottom diameter of 5 1/2"  to  6".  The tapered post is used primarily with two, three, or four round rail fencing applications.  The lengths of the tapered post range from 5' to 9'.  At your request we can drill or mortised the post, depending on the style rails you choose, to industry standards or your custom specifications. 


Katahdin is one of the only manufacturers in the New England region to produce Non Taper posts.  The diameter of the post is the same at the top all the way to the bottom.  A superior application for the use of erecting privacy panels, while preventing gaps.  We offer Non Taper posts with 5", 6", 7", and 8" diameters, with lengths of 6', 7', 8', and 9'.  And for Non Taper posts with lengths of 10' and 12',  diameters of 5" and 6".


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